Thumbs Up

Toastmaster Waffle Iron

I've had my Toastmaster Waffle Iron for 24 years and it is my son's favorite kitchen appliance. Somehow, waffles are much more fun than pancakes. It heats evenly and consistently. The color of the finished waffle is uniformly brown unless I get distracted. (I tried to pass off one batch as "Cajun Blackened Waffles" family saw through my little subterfuge.) Depending on which recipe I use, the finished waffle is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Each waffle takes about three minutes to bake. Since I'm cooking for two, this is no problem. (My sister has six children and has three waffle irons going at a time.) Since I usually have batter left after my son has eaten his fill, I bake extra waffles and freeze them. Toasted, they make a great after school snack.

With a non-stick finish, the iron does not require much treatment. Since I am risk-averse, I usually melt a bit of butter on the surface of the iron and spread it with a pastry brush. I think this helps the waffle to brown.

Cleanup is easy. I just wipe off the grids with a damp paper towel. The outside of the iron is stainless steel and a bit of window cleaner on a paper towel makes it sparkle like new.

And, my son appreciates me sooo much when I make his favorite meal. It isn't hard to get him out of bed on the weekends when I tell him that waffles are baking...

--D. Conrad