John Deere Tractor Cake

John Deere Tractor Cake - used with permissionI began decorating cakes when a friend asked me to make her son's Christening cake. I decided I really didn't want to screw it up, so I turned to the internet for some help.

I came across some cake decorating forums where I began asking questions then experimenting with my own trial and (lots of) error. That was two years ago. I still have not taken a class, so all my cake decorating instruction has come from internet forums, books, and cake decorators who are very generous with their knowledge.

I now make cakes for my friends and family, and even enter cake decorating contests. It has turned into quite a hobby and I hope to turn it into a business after my children are in school.

John Deere Tractor Cake - used with permissionMy favorite cake decorating memory involves my youngest son, Brayden, and the cake I made him for his 2nd Birthday, this past July.

My family has a farm and feedlot, and from the time my son could talk, he has had an obsession with tractors — specifically John Deere tractors. The central theme of his birthday party and his cake, were of course, tractors.

The look on his face when he saw his "tractor cake" and when we were singing Happy Birthday to him was priceless and it has become a favorite photograph and memory.

-- Adele, Colorado